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Una nueva forma de frenar nuestra MTB

24 octubre, 2017

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This is #tutotuesday hahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! How to start the @naturalgamesfr @world_enduro in Millau France 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 in the right way ???? Step 1: start to prepare a nice appetizer. Step 2: take out the cheese, the red wine… Step 3: OMG, realize that you don't have any bread 😳!!! Step 4: grab your bike and slide your way to the BOULANGERIE 😂😂!!! Step 5: get a baguette 🥖 (thanks @alexineeeee for the quick service👍) Step 6: slide your way back home. Step 7: sit down, "relax" and enjoy a nice proper French appetizer hahahaha 😊!!! NOW WE ARE IN FRANCE HAHAAAAA!! 🎥 by @kevin.miquel 👌. #baguette #stayyoung #fullgaz #happyhour #behappy #bebarelli

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